Hishaam , TX 03/21/2014
It is always a pleasure doing business with Sakaad. John is a very professional and reliable businessman. And a very nice person to deal with as well. Apart from that the quality and variety of products they have is amazing combined with very reasonable prices. Sakaad has helped me grow my business and I shall definitely stick to Sakaad as my main supplier.

Regina H., PA
I love my new kikoy.  The color is lovely, and the fabric is good quality and beautifully woven.  In fact it will accompany me on safari this summer!  Mr. Njogu shipped my order promptly, and it was nicely packaged.  He provided great customer service.


Ben R., CO 07/10/2013
Got the Kikoy today. Thanks for shipping it so quickly. It's everything I hoped. I had one that I loved, but somehow lost it while traveling. But that's how I knew just how great Kikoys are. They are AMAZING travel accessories. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally a fair bit, and kikoys are an ESSENTIAL item for any trip. People should know the difference between these and standard cheap rayon sarongs. Here's what makes Kikoys superior: - 100% cotton. This means they are soft yet absorb moisture, which makes a much better towel than rayon which does not absorb at all. - Thin. This means they dry much more quickly than any towel. - Lightweight. Doesn't weigh down your bags like a towel. - Pack small. They can be rolled up tightly and take up very little space in any bag or suitcase. - They are longer than most sarongs, so that they make a better beach towel than sarongs which are often shorter. - The designs can be suited for men much more than most sarongs. Both of us have one (she has a girly one while I chose more manly colors), and we adore them so much that we have made a list of all the ways we have used our Kikoys. Here is that list: - shawl - scarf - skirt - curtain - towel - PJs - baby sling - beach towel - beach bag (twist it, tie the ends) - bed sheet - lingerie My wife's kikoy is 4 years old and still looks great and is showing no signs of wear. The patterns also hide stains well. Finally, they make great gifts for any friends that are travelers! You are one of the few places in the US that sell kikoys. Very glad I found you. Cheers, Ben


Lilliam C., WV 07/03/2013
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have just received your Classic sisal handbag, and I am SO HAPPY with it that I'll be ordering a new one as soon as possible. The bag is exactly the same bag that I used to wear back in the 80s when I was going to college at UCLA. Do you have ANY idea how much I have looked for this bag????  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Don't be surprised to see many orders from me. I want to keep these bags in my closet so I'll never be caught without one EVER AGAIN!!!!

Beth F., NH 05/26/2013

I LOVE it! I've been looking for a bag like this for ages. thank You

Tammy Bass , AZ 03/26/2013
I love my hat!

Jill O., LA

Love my bags and will certainly tell my friends where I got them from!

Kris. J, Compassion International, CO 06/28/2012
Thank you for your diligence in getting those bracelets processed and turned for me. We received them this morning and they look very good.

Mathew M, England 06/27/2012
Rest assured that I will spread the gospel according to Sakaad.

Mark A., Austin, TX, 05/01/2012
A neighbor signed for our stuff and brought it over late last night. We were unaware. Thank you for your quick response and my wife loves her stuff.

Charlotte R, OR 04/10/2012
I got the order, thank you! I would like to return the Handbag with bone buttons and exchange them for more of the classic shoppers (they are beautiful!).


Omonpee P., Arlington, TX 02/08/2012
I am so pleased with my purchase of my black raffia/black and white polka dot hat! For close to a year now, I had been contemplating a purchase of a similar item from another vendor, but it never worked out. I found Sakaad by doing a search for "madagascar hats." I did not know what to expect at first because I had never made a purchase from the company before. But, your customer service is OUTSTANDING; the representative is very friendly and willing to help. Your prices are WONDERFUL! And, your merchandise quality and presentation are SUPERB! The free FedEx ground shipping for items over $20 is a great plus, as I like to track my packages. The shipping was prompt and the hat was delivered on time.

I was so pleased when I opened my box....AND SAW THAT THE HAT CAME IN A HAT BOX! Wow! What a spirit of excellence this company has! I am a hat connoisseur and I have purchased hats from all over the world, some of which are quite expensive...and many of those vendors do not provide you with a hat box! I was impressed. Then, when I opened the hat box and saw the hat itself....just wow! The quality of the hat is superb...and yes, it looks better than it did in the pictures :-).

I will be purchasing many more hats from you. Thank you so much for a positive purchasing experience and for such a quality product.

A.B. Africa Wildlife Foundation, DC 10/31/2011
My colleagues in Africa tell me that the kikoys are beautiful.

J. M. , CA 10/29/2011
My bag arrived today and I am very happy with it. It is PERFECT. I will be sure to pass the name of your store to all my friends who have been searching for sisal bags.

Nicole F. Uncharted Outpost, CA 09/14/2011
We just put an order in last week… Our guests are LOVING it…

S.L. NC 04/21/2011
"Thank you very much for the quick shipment, just received the package, everything is just fine! Love my new bag! Thanks for the prompt delivery, the courteous service and the excellent quality of the bag! THANK YOU!"

C.W. NJ 04/18/2011
"The workmanship in your products is beautiful. Thanks for your courtesy and first-rate customer support. You can be sure that I will tell others about your products and quality of service. ""

F.R., TX 02/14/2011
"I am enjoying the large batik I purchased recently."

J.J., Huston, TX 01/31/2011
"Thank You very much! I received the bracelets - I am sure the girls will love them. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

K. H., FL 12/28/2010
"I absolutely love the four bags that I kept. ... I will definitely order again from you in the future. The quality of your products is outstanding; the bags are as beautifully made as they are lovely to look at. I get compliments every time I carry one of your bags, and I am a very satisfied customer."

S. A., MD 12/21/2010
"We have received this bag and like it very much and the customer service was courteous and prompt and we will do business with Sakaad again."

Colin S., United Kingdom 09/07/2010
" Just to let you know that I tracked down my parcel and I am absolutely delighted with the contents. Thanks for your help. "

Denise B., MD 07/05/2010
" ... received the 2nd bag today - this one was is perfect and I love it." This is what she said about the return process for the first bag - "return process was hassle free and so easy"

C. E., FL 07/04/2010
I received the package today. The merchandise is great! Wonderful colors on the towels amd purses! The sandals are very pretty..

Stacey B., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 3/22/2010
My two bags arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you. They are beautiful and I am completely happy with them – I would recommend you and your company to anyone who is interested in placing an order. Once again, many thanks and I’m sure I will be in touch sometime in the future.

L. M., CT 3/12/2010
Just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with my recent order, the beaded flap bag. It's beautiful!

Karen I, IA 3/2/2010
I have another pair of your sandals and they are just beautiful! I get compliments every time I wear them.

Jean B, AL 2/7/2010
My order arrived and I love the items!

Ann, Pampano Beach, FL 12/21/2009
I just received the bags I ordered on Monday. These bags are phenomenal! The artisans’ craftsmanship is outstanding! You have a wonderful product on your hands. I think I’m hooked for life… really. Expect another order real soon.

Maggie, London, UK, 10/20/2009
Just to let you know I received the three bags today. And they are really fabulous, just beautiful. I will derfinitely be back to order some more in different colours at some point!

Dominik Z., NY, 8/25/2009
Hello, I just received two kikoy dashiki shirts that I ordered from you and I love them! They are so comfortable.

Barbara S., NJ, 7/25/2009
Thank you so much for your prompt service. I never imagined receiving the purse so quickly. I is beautifully made.

Verlynn K., CA, 7/11/2009
I received my handbag and I am very pleased. I especially appreciate the flat bottom.

Nhyla H., Scotland, 7/10/2009
Just received my black/brown bone button bag and I wanted to tell you that it is just lovely!!! I am SO pleased, I really love the pattern and design, its beautiful! so thank you again.

Also, just wanted to say that I really like these patterns and colours- I hope you can get more designs using brown/black and brown bags as I think they look great!

Sue K., France, 7/8/2009
many thanks, I have received the package today, the kikoys and sandals are lovely. I will put them in our shop today and see how they do.

Tamara S., MN, 7/1/2009
My bag is very nicely made and absolutely beautiful. I love it! I will recommend you to all my friends. Tamara

Gail T., CO, 6/30/2009
Thank you the children loved your bracelets. They were a BIG hit as the end to a morning long hands-on study of Tanzania.

Sally B., CA, 5/29/2009
Love your bracelets!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each one is beautiful.

Nancy L., CT, 4/07/2009
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my bone button handbags. I ordered 2 because I couldn't decide which one I wanted. I figured when I received them, I would decide which I wanted and send the other back. They were both beautiful. I loved them both. Neither one is going back! Thank you for 2 great bags and also for the super quick free shipping!

Elizabeth S., SC, 3/26/2009
I did receive my order and am very pleased with my new handbag. I hope to order more from you in the future.

Fran B., NC, 2/23/2009
I have recieved my order, thank you, I'm am happy with everything! There beautiful.

Joan J., MA, 1/07/2009
Thank you so much, both for the bag and the refund of postage. That is very kind of you, and the bag is truly beautiful.

Sherry. W., TX, 12/13/2008
I love the bag, it is exponentially wonderful.

Renee S., CA, 12/09/2008
Thank you so much!!!! Consider me a customer for life. :-)

Joyce M., CA, 09/08/2008
The draw string handbag I bought is beautiful.

Laura H., VA, 09/02/2008
I just received the handbag I ordered and I am very happy.

Michael C., Canoga Park, CA, 07/17/2008
(The shirts were bigger than the customer wanted) I like the shirts so the Kenyan in me refuses to give them back. I actually took them to my tailor and she can make the adjustments I need at a reasonable cost without ruining the general appearance of the shirts (she actually mentioned that if I didn't want them she would take them from me and make some very good blouses out of them - I don't think so). Anyway thank you for your refund offer. I am sure you I will be ordering from you in the future.

Gilda C., Cape Coral, FL, 06/17/2008
I have received the two items I ordered on June 10th and find them very beautiful

Ross L., Salam, IN, 01/04/2008
We were very please with the Kenya bags we received.

Malika A., FL, 12/03/2007
I finally received the items. They were very colorful and meticulously made.

Lois W. G., Arlington, VA, 08/14/2007
I picked up my package today. What beautiful shoes! I would have bought more if there were other styles in size 42. Please let me know if you have any other sandal styles in size 42, or keep me posted if you should get more size 42 styles in.

Thanks for the great customer service!

Tamara, CarlsBad, CA, 08/09/2007
Received the purses as always they are beautiful.

Thank you so much!

Beth , New Mexico, 07/23/2007
As a happy return customer, I just received my order, and as usual, everything is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get my Sakaad box inside and open it!

Julie Pai, Kukio Golf & Beach Club, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, 07/18/2007
We received our order and LOVE THE BAGS! Excellent quality and craftsmanship! Please tell your mom to let the ladies of Kenya know that we are so happy with the bags and appreciate the talent and care that obviously went into them. My co-workers and I have been admiring them and cannot decide which our favorite is – they are all so beautiful.

Thanks so much for all your help. You have been great to work with on this special order. We look forward to doing more business with your company in the future!


Jan P., Charleston, SC, 07/08/2007
The bag is EXACTLY what I wanted...perfect shade of blue, beautiful workmanship. The bracelet is just lovely & I have worn it several times. Very nice all the way around.

Ellen H. T., TX, 03/11/2007
Had some repeat customers who wanted the fold over flap with embossed leather. These were the original ones that had beautiful woven designs.

Christine S., INDRE BERRY, FRANCE, 07/21/2007
Hi John, I had a lovely surprise this morning. My bag arrived. I am absolutely thrilled with it, and the workmanship is fantastic. Absolutely lovely. I couldn't believe how quick this came to France = brilliant.
I have placed another order with, so I am looking forward to receive this from you aswell.
Thanks for everything, you have been very helpful. Christine.

Lillian T., Carol Stream, IL, 06/16/2007
Oh, the bracelets are absolutely gorgeous - excellent in quality and workmanship. The colors are vibrant and dazzling - exactly as I remember seeing them on the Maasai women during my visit to East Africa.
Your personal attention is also very refreshing, I will definitely be buying more from the web store.

Megan M., Washington, DC, 06/11/2007
I loved the kikoys. The colors are crisp and pretty, and the cotton is so fine it feels almost silky. I actually think I may need to buy another orange-and-yellow striped one because my boyfriend has become
very possessive of it! Excellent speedy delivery as well.

Viviene H., Rye Brook, NY, 06/09/2007
I like doing business with you!

Marie F., MA, 06/06/2007
Just thought I'd let you know that I received everthing yesterday and love it all!!! I sold the two beaded hoop purses today already. The rest I'm sure will not last long. The quaailty and colors are wonderful.

Diane W., OR, 06/06/2007
I received my large duffel bag, I love it, it's awesome, I have had so many compliments and look forward to using it for many years. Thank you for offering such great products.

Carl Giombetti, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Choir, PA, 06/02/2007
I waited till today because our dinner was last night. When the people arrived my wife and I handed them a shirt and they were first surprised to get something and when they open them up they loved them. They put them on immediately and you could see the smile radiate across their face.. The shirts definitely helped us set the tone for the evening to create the excitement for our trip.

Thank you for helping us share the joy of this trip. I appreciate you assistance getting the shirts.

Unice R., NC, 05/31/2007
Thank you! I enjoy your products and everytime I wear one of my Dashiki's I get a lot of compliments and I give people your website all the time! Keep
up the good work and may God bless you with great success!

Beth B., AZ
I received some of the bracelets, the shirt, and the 2 duffels yesterday. MADE MY DAY!!!.

Sabine O., England.
I just received the parcel and thank you very much - the handbags and > bookmarks are really lovely.

Dixie Clapper , GA.
My bag arrived yesterday! It's beautiful...much prettier than the online picture. The workmanship is very impressive. This bag looks and feels as though it will last a long, long time. It's a great size, and the handles are just the right length to wear comfortably over the shoulder.

I F Gordon , Sahara Tee Co., Florida
We received the handbags via FedEx this morning, and I must compliment your artisans on the exceptional workmanship. The Sakaad handbags are a vivid representation of exactly what Fair Trade items are: high quality, accurate pricing and most importantly; the fair exchange to the artisians for their creativity and effort. Thanks again for providing such high quality items.

Marie Alphonse, California
I love your products. Thank you for such beautiful products. I especially
love the big african earrings made of coconut. Those are so hard to find.

Thiti Horthong, Thailand
I just order your sisal Bag from your online shop and I really
love it.

Lue Ann, Illinois
My customers loved the shirts but were a little disappointed when there were
no hats. Do you plan on making any with hats? Overall, I think your
mechandise is very nice. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Rosalie Darby, Australia
Hi, I love your products and may be interested in selling some for the
retail market in Australia.

Joan B, New Jersey
"the bags....they're wonderful"

Dr. Marguerite Boyd, California
Just wanted to let you know that I just placed a new order with you for more bracelets for friends. I have also given your website address out to several people! I love everything I have received.
Hope that all is well.

Dumisile Nxumalo M., Virginia
The kiondos are really nice!

Jody E., Michigan
I love the colorful combinations so much I believe I'll be ordring at least a black & white
backpack for myself a little later, and I also think your products would
make great gifts.

Silvia M., Michigan
I received it, thanks so much I love it. :)

 Denise L., Canada
Thanks for the offer to exchange but actually I love the designs of my two bags
and want to keep them.

Debra D., North Carolina
I've received the Kenya bag and love it. Thank You

Donna S., New Jersey
We absolutely love the bags!

 Monique M., Illinois
I saw the bag my sister ordered. I love those purses.

Monte B., Texas
This shirt is beautiful.

Kathryn Ackley
Hello, just to let you know the mirror arrived today with no problems, no damage. It's really beautiful.